OMH seeking Letters of Interest from Licensed Outpatient Clinic providers to provide First Episode Psychosis Coordinated Specialty Care

February 24, 2023

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is seeking Letters of Interest from providers who operate a current Licensed Outpatient Clinic to provide First Episode Psychosis Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) services to youth and young adults ages 16-30 in the Long Island, New York City and Central regions to serve:

  • Suffolk County;
  • New York (Manhattan County); and
  • Oneida County and adjacent counties. 

CSC services are provided by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of providers with specialized training in treating early psychosis using evidence-based practices. CSC services have the following goals:

  • Support youth and young adults with early psychosis in achieving their goals for school, work, and relationships
  • Ensure that participants experiencing a first episode psychosis (FEP) receive specialized treatment as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Engage participants and families and minimize treatment drop out
  • Provide participants with recovery-oriented services, minimizing the disruption of illness and maximizing their capacity to return to meaningful lives
  • Decrease the subsequent service use of this group, including hospitalizations and disability benefits.

CSC Teams must conduct Outreach and Recruitment activities in the community to provide education about FEP and CSC services. Teams conduct a thorough clinical evaluation to determine eligibility for program services using the OnTrackNY inclusion/ exclusion criteria and must provide rapid enrollment of eligible individuals into the program.

CSC Teams must provide care flexibly and assertively both in the clinic and in the community, provide 24/7 crisis support, and focus on the needs and preferences of young people and their family members using shared decision making to promote recovery. Programs should have a commitment to racial equity and addressing disparities. Program enrollment is time-limited (services are provided for an average of 2 years) and discharge plans are created with clients and families to ensure that follow-up services are identified, and linkages are made.

CSC teams must participate in all required reporting and must become CSC designated providers. Providers are eligible for CSC designation following the completion of the initial training. A review by OnTrack Central will be required prior to OMH designation. Team certification is valid for a period of one year. To maintain CSC designation, the CSC Team must meet the aforementioned requirements for training, reporting, staffing, outreach and eligibility.

The Solicitation of Interest can be found at: