OMH Temporary 11.5% Increase Gets CMS Approval

July 5, 2022

Some good news!

New York State is starting to receive rate approvals its’ been waiting for (from CMS) for some pending increases. You can see the SPA approval and accompanying documents for the OMH Outpatient Clinic temporary 11.5% rate increase we have informed you about, on the DOH website (link below).   DOB approval still pending.  I am assured OMH will be working quickly to get the remaining approval and to post these rates changes as quickly as possible.

Remember:  This OMH Outpatient Clinic increase is temporary and is related to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and the fact that the OMH Clinic moved from the federal Clinic option to the (federal) Rehab Option during the period when Rehab Programs and Services received enhancements.   The temporary increase is effective 2/1/22-9/30/22 after which time the rates will return to pre-temporary increase levels.

Note:  Emil Slane, CFO at OMH has joined several of our recent Thursday morning calls where he answered questions and reinforced that providers will have some latitude in how they use these funds; however, Council members should bear in mind that the primary objective is workforce recruitment and retention.  OMH guidance to follow shortly.