OMIG Audit Reform Bill Called Up by Governor Hochul

December 2, 2022

We just received word that A7889A – our OMIG Audit Reform bill has been called up by the Governor’s Office.  The Governor now has 10 days to act on the bill.  

Time is of the essence.  

We hope you will take the following actions throughout the coming week, beginning on Monday:

  • Join us in a social media blitz on Monday 12/5 
  • Send a letter to the Governor urging approval of the bill no later than Wednesday 12/7
  • We plan to submit Op-Eds and LTEs to several key media outlets.  Let us know if you would be interested in authoring one.

Resources:  Please see attached document that includes key talking points, a sample letter for you to personalize, put on your letterhead and send to the Governor, and sample social media messaging.

Discussions with the Governor’s Office

To this point, we have met with the Governor’s office several times to highlight the audit best practices and protections the bill would infuse into the OMIG audit process.  We have addressed any concerns the Governor’s staff raised with us about the bill, and the NYS Council hired experienced legal counsel to assist us in refuting any lingering concerns OMIG may have that enactment of the bill would somehow prevent the Office from meeting its’ federal and state responsibilities to conduct Medicaid audits.  Now we need your help to ramp up the pressure. 

Any questions?  Please call me at 518 461-8200 at your convenience.

Thanks to everyone for joining us in this final push.