OMIG Audit Reform —> Day of Action Tuesday, 4/9

April 8, 2024

In our continuing efforts to secure meaningful OMIG Audit Reform in the SFY25 enacted budget, we ask that everyone receiving this message mobilize antake action in support of OMIG Audit Reform.


1)  Ask everyone you know to send a message to their Assembly and Senate representatives and to the Governor using the new letter now posted on the NYS Council’s website here:   

2) Use the suggested tweets (below) and post on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter):  

Providers & consumers across NYS health + behavioral health + human services fields call on @GovKathyHochul @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie to include S5329D/A6813A in the final FY 2025 budget. Protect the integrity of the Medicaid system by requiring fairness + balance in the Medicaid audit program.

S5329D/A6813A protects providers/consumers from unfair OMIG audits. The need for health + behavioral health + human services is at peak demand. Draconian Medicaid audits can reduce or discontinue critical services. @GovKathyHochul @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie include this bill in the final FY 2025 budget.

50 organizations across the state agree: it’s time for @GovKathyHochul @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie to bring fairness and transparency to Medicaid audits conducted by OMIG. Medicaid & human service providers, as well as consumers deserve these protections. Include S5329D/A6813A in the final FY 2025 budget.

NY has a health, behavioral health & human service worker shortage + worsening opioid, suicide & gun violence epidemics. NY must strengthen its care system, not weaken it with unfair Medicaid auditing practices. @GovKathyHochul @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie include S5329D/A6813A in the final FY 2025 budget.

OMIG Medicaid audits are hurting consumers and providers. It’s time for fairness + balance in the Medicaid audit program. @GovKathyHochul @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie include S5329D/A6813A in the final FY 2025 budget and rein in OMIG’s egregious audit tactics.

Finally, here’s a link to the conversation Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (Chair of the Assembly Health Committee and our bill sponsor) had with David Lombardo last week on his daily radio show The Capitol Connection: 
The Capitol Pressroom – David Lombardo and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin Interview 4/4: