OMIG Audit

September 19, 2022

Earlier today I received notice from one of our member agencies that the agency and specifically, its’ Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, is being audited by the OMIG.  It is a medical/fiscal record review.

Can you let me know if your agency recently received an audit notice from OMIG pertaining to your OMH Outpatient Clinic?  We are trying to understand the breadth of this latest action by OMIG.

I am in touch with OMH, to ascertain if/when the OMIG SOMH Outpatient Clinic protocol was last updated.  There is an audit protocol posted on the OMIG website that is dated 2015 (attached).  Note:  I am NOT sure this is the latest version of the protocol, or even whether the protocol is still being used by OMIG.  I’m seeking clarification.

Thank you!