June 8, 2021

Please take a moment to review the very quickly put together but no less important Memo in Support we have issued re:  a bill that we want to see pass during the remaining days of the legislative session.  Assemblyman Gottfried and Senator Harckham are working together to move their ‘same as’ OMIG Reform bills that are drafted to address some of the most egregious actions taken by OMIG.

Just informed by Senator Harckham’s Office that the Senate will be passing their version of the OMIG Reform bill (S4486) we have been pushing in both houses!  Thank you, Senator!

The NYS Council will refrain from making any public statements or giving quotes in any media releases regarding the bill given our role in ongoing negotiations with OMIG regarding the OPRA audit issue.

We are so pleased and grateful to Allegra Schorr, President of COMPA for her work to bring the bill to life, and to Senator Harckham and Assemblyman Gottfried for their work on this important legislation!

No explanation needed as to why this is so important so I will just ask that you please take a moment to issue your own Memo (use ours as a boilerplate if you wish) and send it to me and to Joelle Foscette in Senator Harckham’s office.  Joelle’s email address  Also pls send your Memo to Kayleigh Zaloga in Assemblyman Gottfried’s office at:

Time is of the essence!

We appreciate your support.