November 24, 2021

I just spoke with Robert Hussar, our OMIG OPRA attorney Bob Hussar who wanted to share the following information:

  1. There is nothing new to report on the OMIG OPRA front.  OMIG  has not heard back from Chamber as to how it should proceed.  (As you will recall, at some point in May, OMIG decided to turn future decision-making around how it should proceed with the probe audits and possibly the entire topic, to the Executive Chamber.)  
  2. OMIG has heard back from all of the ‘probe audit’ providers and only 4 (of 32 total probe audit agencies) had any identified overpayments based on the information the agencies were asked to submit to the Office.  Editorial Note: As I see it that’s very good news and indicated most providers were in compliance with state guidance such as it is. 
  3. OMIG will continue to sit on those overpayments and will not be expanding to others (at least until they hear back from Chamber).  

Let’s talk about this in more depth at our next NYS Council Public Policy and Member Support call on Thursday, December 2 at 9:15 a.m.

Enjoy your holiday and stay well!