Opioid Settlement Fund: Language and Link to Consent Judgment

April 6, 2021

Below is the language from the Aid to Localities Final Budget bill re:  Opioid Settlement Funds.
Here is a link to a document that includes a link to the McKinsey Consent Judgment for NYS.https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/final_new_york_mckinsey_consent_judgment.pdf

From ATL Final Budget Bill (page 986-987):

     44    Notwithstanding  any  inconsistent provision
  1. 45   of law, the moneys hereby appropriated
  2. 46   shall be available for payment of funds
  3. 47   received as a result of the February 4,
  4. 48   2021 Final Consent Order and Judgement
  5. 49   between the People of the State of New
  6. 50   York and McKinsey & Company, Inc. United
     1     States (McKinsey) pertaining to McKinsey's
     2     role  in  assisting  opioid  companies  in
  1. 3   profiting from the opioid epidemic, and
  2. 4   may be suballocated or transferred to any
     5    other  state  agency  for  treatment   and
     6    prevention of opioid use disorder, includ-
     7    ing  medication  assisted  treatment.  Any
  1. 8   expenditures pursuant to this appropri-
  2. 9   ation shall be consistent with the terms
     10    of the  February  4,  2021  Final  Consent 

     11   Order and Judgment …………………….. 32,000,000