‘Phase 3’ HHS Provider Relief Funds – Apply Today

October 5, 2020

Last week the Trump Administration and HHS announced the availability of a new ‘Phase 3″ Distribution of Provider Relief Funds (PRF).  These funds are available to providers who have received prior funds from previous distributions.

Today is the day to apply, although providers will be able to apply through early November.  The funding is first come, first served.

To get started, use this address, scroll to middle of page and follow instructions for ‘Learn How To Apply for Phase 3 General Distribution funds’:

We’ll let you know if there is a shortcut or different site you should be using but for now this is the information that is available.

PLEASE let me know if/when you succeed in applying for these new funds?  I’ll need some feedback from members this morning in order to know if you are having success or encountering problems.