Potential $1.5B in funds to help agencies

December 21, 2020

In the last few minutes we have learned that regarding the $1.5B we have learned that there will not be a new application process to receive these funds.  Instead, providers in need of fiscal relief will be required to document and highlight their situation for their contracting State agency.  Their needs will be evaluated and referred to DOB for relief.  

Last week during one of his daily COVID 19 briefings, the Governor discussed the release of some $1.5B in funds to help NYS agencies ‘stay afloat’ until early 2021.  Presumably the $1.5B is at least some of the CARES Act funding received by NYS earlier this year.  Our association has been pushing hard for the release of these funds to mental health and substance use disorder providers who are overwhelmed by need for their services, and who are now at a financial tipping point.

Specifics regarding the funds including who is eligible and most likely to receive them remains a mystery.  Nevertheless, the NYS Council is acting aggressively to ensure our providers are eligible and prioritized to receive the funds which (in some articles) are characterized as ‘an advance’.   Our concern is that the distribution of these funds be fair and transparent and take into account sectors that have not yet received meaningful reimbursement from the state for the significant expenses they have had throughout the pandemic.

Excerpt from the article linked below:“In order to reduce the rate of spending, the state has withheld portions of payments and we will now review organizations with cash-flow issues and accelerate payments to support them as necessary,” Klopott said, adding of organizations slated to receive funding, “It’s those that have not received any payments or have had 20% delayed, and this is their only or main source of funding so they are experiencing cash-flow issues.”

Here’s the full article:https://www.thedailynewsonline.com/top_story/1-5-billion-advance-to-help-new-york-agencies-stay-afloat-until-early-2021/article_152e5db4-ddc6-5201-b30f-c4f8c89d3d91.html