Potential Federal Shutdown

September 19, 2023

Good afternoon,First, we are hearing that the SAMHSA CCBHC Expansion Grant page is active however it appears to be a blank page which could indicate it is being loaded (or broken).   I am clicking constantly and watching for substantive information on the awards.  Here’s a link to the page:  https://www.samhsa.gov/grants/grants-dashboard?f%5B0%5D=by_nofo_fy%3A2023In the meantime, I called Senator Schumer’s Office to see what I can find out since apparently Senators from some states across the country have been given award information and they are beginning to make award announcements.

Next, there are just 11 days left for federal lawmakers to figure out how to address the partisan rift that has left the likelihood of a new (October 1) federal budget deal highly unlikely, leaving us inching towards another Continuing (Budget) Resolution.  While there is chatter in the news about the House of Representatives moving bills to the Senate for its consideration, apparently those bills do not currently conform with Continuing Resolution standards in that the CRs are supposed to contain flat funding language however the House has been sending bills to the Senate that reduce spending in certain areas.  It’s a ping pong game.

Should a federal government shutdown occur, most of the federal programs related to MH and SUD services are considered ‘mandatory’ or in the ‘entitlements’ category and as such, they would be assumed exempt from the financial impact of the shutdown (although if there is a shutdown employees get furloughed and everything moves slowly).   SOR Grants are considered mandatory.  CCBHC Demo is an entitlement program and so, mandatory.  CCBHC Expansion grants could be impacted although our colleagues at the National Council don’t anticipate the grant announcement we are waiting for today will be impacted.  Federal waiver approvals could be impacted – it just depends on how much money each federal agency will get to retain some staff to keep the trains running during the shutdown which could occur as early as October 1.   HHS and other federal agencies did put together contingency plans last year (when a shutdown was ultimately averted) and the National Council is keeping their eyes peeled for a look at a (HHS) contingency plan for this year.

More as we know it.