Proposed Rule in State Register re: Part 599

May 8, 2020

Here’s what the Proposed Rule in State Register re: Part 599 includes:

  • Extends the required timeframe for review of treatment plans from every 90 days to annually.
  • Removes the requirement for the treatment plan to be signed by the appropriate practitioner at each periodic review, instead only requiring the appropriate practitioner to sign the treatment plan when new services are added, service intensity is increased, or as necessary as determined by the treating clinician. All other changes do not require signature and should be recorded in progress notes.
  • Removes the requirement to include criteria for determining when the recipient should be discharged from the program in the treatment plan.
  • Allows other licensed practitioners to sign off on the treatment plan for individuals enrolled in Medicaid managed care or commercial plans (if also permitted by the plan) when the treatment plan does not contain prescribed medications.
  • Removes the requirement to document the recipient’s participation in treatment planning with their signature and/or the signature of their legal guardian, instead only requiring documentation of participation via a notation in the recipient’s record. 

Comments may be submitted to until July 4th.