Provider Relief Funds Info

October 8, 2020

At the beginning of the week we sent all members a brief ‘cheat sheet’ discussing the steps you will have to follow when interacting with the Phase 3 Provider Relief Funds portal in order for your organization to access funds from a new distribution of money via the PRF portal as of Monday morning.  (See the link and the instructions below the link) .  There is no NEW portal.  Use the link provided below.  If you have question don’t hesitate to contact me!

Also, directly below is some important information found in the FAQs re:  the Phase 3 funds that goes to the issue of what types of losses can be reported:

From the FAQ on page 8:

The term “lost revenues that are attributable to coronavirus” means any revenue that you as a

health care provider lost due to coronavirus. This may include revenue losses associated with

fewer outpatient visits, canceled elective procedures or services, or increased uncompensated

care. Providers can use Provider Relief Fund payments to cover any cost that the lost revenue

otherwise would have covered, so long as that cost prevents, prepares for, or responds to

coronavirus. Thus, these costs do not need to be specific to providing care for possible or actual

coronavirus patients, but the lost revenue that the Provider Relief Fund payment covers must

have been lost due to coronavirus. HHS encourages the use of funds to cover lost revenue so

that providers can respond to the coronavirus public health emergency by maintaining health

care delivery capacity, such as using Provider Relief Fund payments to cover:

• Employee or contractor payroll

• Employee health insurance

• Rent or mortgage payments

• Equipment lease payments

• Electronic health record licensing fees

Cheat Sheet & Link

When you enter the portal, it shows you everything as completed.

Click on “submit new information”.   There is an indication you are submitting new or revised info for Round 2 (do it anyway!)

When you do, it brings you to the original docusign you submitted for Round 2.  Note there is an interim verification (2 step with e-mail code), so the person completing the form must have access to the primary email of the applicant (typically the CEO/CFO).

At the end of these documents, there are red boxes of incomplete info, where you submit your Round 3 info.  This consists of

  • Verifying your agency name, contact info etc
  • Providing numbers to support your revenue and expense info for Q1 – Q2 2019, and Q1-Q2 2020

Then there are supporting docs required such as financials, etc.
It then asks you to confirm you direct deposit info.