Re: OMH Webinar: Streamlined Process for Permanently Adding Telemental Health Services

August 19, 2020

Yesterday, MCTAC hosted a call for OMH licensed or designated providers pertaining to recent Administrative Simplification guidance from the Office for providers seeking to obtain permanent approval for delivery of Telehealth Services (beyond the COVID-19 emergency).  Please see the information below to include my brief notes from the Webinar as well as materials from MCTAC to include Power Point Presentation and Recording of the event.  If you have questions, feel free to share them and we will work to get you answers ASAP.


Lauri’s Notes from MCTAC Webinar 8/18:

Objective of OMH Telehealth Administrative Simplification :  Ensure OMH licensed and/or designated providers can continue to provide telehealth services beyond the COVID-19 pandemic emergency period. 

Streamlined Process steps include (but are not limited to): Option to submit one Admin Action (AA) / agencyIt is ok to submit by Program Type if you don’t want to submit under one AA.

If you already have sites approved and you want to add additional program sites, you must submit a new AA with list of all new program sites being included in the new application.

Policies and Procedures must be developed in relation to Part 586 regs (not recent additional telehealth waivers/guidance issued during emergency).  OMH is exploring amendments to Part 596 regs to include:

  • expanding list of practitioners who can deliver telehealth services
  • current barriers associated with location of practitioner and client
  • removal of requirement of some in-person assessments
  • expanded use in ACT and PROS, 
  • telephonic (state still awaits ok from CMS re:  reimbursement for this service)

Providers will not required to submit new AA if/when there are changes to Part 596.

There are no OMH licensed/designated program covered by Part 596 that are excluded.  

Kids HCBS under purview of DoH so do not fall under this OMH Simplification construct.  For adult HCBS email your Field Office to initiate the request.

Field Offices have a template for provider applications for a home office for telehealth service provision.

As OMH moves forward and revises telemental health regs post COVID, may look to include residential programs in this process but at this time no need to submit an Administrative Action for OMH residential programs.


OMH does not approve/disapprove tech platforms for use by providers but (in many cases) providers will need to get a BAA. ( ZoomHealthcare will give you a BAA. )There was a lack of clarity re:  how CFTSS services fit into this construct.  Please stand by for more details.  

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Subject: Slides and Recording Now Available: OMH Webinar: Streamlined Process for Permanently Adding Telemental Health Services

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Slides and Recording Now Available!

OMH Webinar: Streamlined Process for Permanently Adding Telemental Health Services 


The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) hosted a webinar on August 18th, 2020 at 1pm. This webinar reviewed the OMH Guidance issued on July 24, 2020 which offered a streamlined process for OMH licensed and designated providers to permanently add telemental health as an optional or additional service.

The webinar also provided an opportunity for Q&A. 

Slides and Recording Available Here!