Rockefeller Institute: NYS 1115 Waiver Proposal

January 5, 2023

As New York awaits final action by CMS on its’ proposed Section 1115 Waiver, policy experts from across the state continue to analyze elements of the application, beginning with its’ focus on Health Equity. Below is a new release from the Rockefeller Institute featuring an interview with NYS Medicaid Director Amir Bassiri and Courtney Burke who is now a Senior Fellow for Health Policy at the Institute. There is a link so you can listen to the interview at the end of the blurb (below).

Rockefeller Institute of Government

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How Does New York’s Pending Medicaid Waiver Address Health Equity?
In New York, Medicaid provides healthcare for nearly 8 million people and half of all births. With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting existing health disparities and disrupting the health care system, there is a significant need and opportunity to innovate Medicaid care delivery. On the latest episode of Policy Outsider, we examine how New York is using a Section 1115 waiver to address health equity issues. The State’s Acting Medicaid Director, Amir Bassiri, and Rockefeller Institute Senior Fellow for Health Policy Courtney Burke join the show to discuss how the waiver works, the goals the waiver seeks to accomplish, strategies for achieving those goals, and a vision for the future of Medicaid.

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