Save the Dates – 1115 Waiver Programs

February 28, 2024

The NYS Council is pleased to announce a three-part web-based training series focused on various aspects of New York’s newly approved 1115 Waiver amendment:

Webinar #1:  Peeling the Onion

March 5, 10-11 am

(Zoom Webinar link to follow – no registration is necessary)

This is a ‘Members Only’ event.

Webinar Description:  

While the Social Care Networks frenzy is well underway, the strategic implications of the recent changes to New York’s 1115 Waiver are only beginning to be understood. 

Please join your NYS Council colleagues on March 5 for a “Members Only” webinar focused on the potential opportunities and challenges associated with New York’s recently approved 1115 Waiver amendment.  

This Webinar is not another ‘so what’s in the waiver’ discussion.  

With help from Health Management Associates (HMA) Joshua Rubin we will explore the ramifications of the recently approved waiver amendment for behavioral health providers’ programs, operations, partnerships, and payment structures.  Specifically, we will consider the health-related social needs services, workforce, HERO, and the Medicaid Hospital Global Budget Initiative waiver initiatives, to include potential impacts on the way mental health and addictions care is delivered in New York State.  Throughout the presentation we will stay focused on ways your agency can take immediate steps to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead, beginning with how to identify the state, regional and/or local entities you should consider partnering with. 

Follow up webinar events will take place on March 11 from 10-11:00, and March 26 from 10-11.  Save the dates!