SED Notice on End of Emergency Declaration

June 24, 2021

SED Notice on End of Emergency Declaration re: Title VIII Professions

NY State Education Department has posted a general notice related to the EO expirations on its website which includes the content below.  We will share additional guidance as we receive it.

Note:  Title VIII info is here:

(from the SED Notice) Advisory Notice:  Please be advised that the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency declared by the Governor, pursuant to Executive Order 202 issued on March 7, 2020, and each successor Executive Order to Executive Order 202 have expired as of June 25, 2021. While the several exceptions and authorizations relevant to the Title VIII statutes and regulations contained within these Executive Orders have now expired, the Department understands the concern regarding the short notice of the expiration of the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency and will take that into consideration in the event of any potential inquiries involving activity that had previously been authorized by Executive Order 202 and its successor Executive Orders at this time. However, Title VIII professionals should exercise due diligence and good faith efforts to return to compliance with all Title VIII statutory and regulatory requirements without delay. The Department is working closely with other New York State agencies and the Governor’s Office to clarify issues relating to the expiration of the Disaster Emergency and the reinstatement of laws and regulations that have been previously modified or suspended during the COVID 19 Disaster Emergency. Please continue to monitor the Department’s website for updated guidance.