Senate and Assembly Release One House Budget Proposals

March 14, 2022

See below for a summary of the Senate and Assembly One House Budget Proposals.

Note  HMH = Health and Mental Hygiene.  Mental Hygiene = OASAS, OPWDD and OMH

Senate Proposals

  • Includes 5.4% COLA and adds an additional 5.4% for SFY 23-24 (but does not include Health Home Care Managers in list of eligible programs and services as is the case with the Assembly COLA proposal)
  • Includes HMH bonuses proposal and expands eligible staff 
  • Modifies the Statewide Healthcare Facility Transformation Fund to add $750M and provides an earmark of 25% for community based providers including BH providers in each funding section at the NYS Council’s request.   Also provides $25M from $450M for D&TCs and $25M from $450M for Article 31, 32, 16, home care and hospice.  Also earmarks 25% for CBOs including BH providers from $150M pool for telehealth
  • Includes Part FF for BH reinvestment form MCO recoupments; Adds language requested by NYS Council to add transparency/disclosure; Also adds language to require notice in State Register for MMC contract changes at the NYS Council’s request
  • Accepts proposal to extend APGs through 2027 in BH
  • Rejects Part P to require MCO competitive bid process
  • Modifies Gov’s telehealth proposal to provide language from S5505 including telehealth payment parity
  • Includes 988 suicide prevention proposal
  • Includes Essential Plan and Child Health Plus expansions
  • Repeals continuation of Medicaid global spending cap
  • Rejects proposals to remove collaboration requirement for NPs in primary care
  • Rejects proposal to move HMH professions from SED to DOH oversight
  • Rejects prescriber prevails changes
  • Extends DSRIP waiver authority proposal one year
  • Modifies proposal to require pharmacies stock naloxone and Buprenorphine products to remove dosage requirements and add partial antagonist products
  • Includes Recovery Residence proposal
  • Rejects Alcohol Awareness proposal
  • Extends Kendra’s Law through 2023
  • Rejects OMH/OPWDD appointment of temporary operator extension proposal
  • Includes new proposal to merge OMH and OASAS as the Office of Addiction and Mental Health Services
  • Includes new proposal related to Crisis Intervention Demonstration programs
  • Includes a new proposal, per S8313, to change OASAS’ payment method from funding net deficit to a payer for service method (Part UU, page 121)

The full Senate Article VII Bill is available here.

Assembly Proposals

  • Changed COLA proposal from 5.4% to 11% for O agencies    Assembly proposal includes Health Home Care Managers and the OTDA regulated NYS Supported Housing Program (NYSSHP) to the list of programs/services eligible for COLA, as requested by the NYS Council and other advocacy organizations.
  • Changed HMH worker bonus proposal to only apply to state employees  We had been arguing the state needed to find a way to make the bonuses more inclusive of support staff including transportation staff, maintenance, etc.  Pushing the money to the COLA thereby growing the amount of the COLA overall could have this effect. t
  • Changes Statewide Healthcare Facility Transformation fund proposal to earmark at least $100M for community based providers including BH, at NYS Council request.
  • Accepts Part FF for BH reinvestment from MMC plan recoupmentsAccepts the appropriation of the funds the NYS Council worked hard to secure for OASAS and OMH from MCO failure to meet expenditure targets, AND adds additional language requested by the NYS Council for greater transparency and disclosure around MMC plan recoupments on a yearly basis
  • Accepts proposal to extend APGs in BH through 2027
  • Rejected Part P related to MMC plan competitive bidding  While we do not expect the Senate bill to support the Procurement proposal as the Governor wrote it, this would not  preclude an agreement to do a competitive procurement for the HARPs.  Conversations ongoing.  More to follow.  
  • Rejected Telehealth parity proposal   Waiting to see what the Senate does here
  • Rejected proposal to remove collaboration requirements for Nurse Practitioners in primary care
  • Rejected proposal to move oversight of HMH professions from SED to DOH
  • Rejected changes to prescriber prevails under Medicaid
  • Includes Child Health Plus and Essential Plan expansions
  • Includes 988 Crisis Prevention proposal and adds eligible entities 
  • Rejected DSRIP proposal that would have continued DSRIP waiver authority
  • Rejected pharmacy requirement to stock 30 days of naloxone and Buprenorphine products
  • Includes Certification for Recovery Residences proposal
  • Includes Alcohol Awareness program expansion proposal
  • Rejected OASAS Capital Program reforms
  • Includes proposal to expand the Property pass through laws which affect individuals with mental illness living in community based residential programs
  • Includes proposal to extend OMH/OPWDD authority to appoint temporary operators through 2025
  • Includes new proposal related to expanding existing law to include the OASAS Commissioner in the review of policies and practices under DOCCS regarding certain diseases and adding “emerging infectious diseases, substance use disorders and other new areas (Part QQ, pages 65-67 of A9007B)

The full Assembly HMH Assembly Article VII is available here.

The Aid to Localities bill is available here.