SIGN ON LETTER Refuting Assertions by Opponents of HMH Part P
(MCO Competitive Bid Proposal)

March 7, 2022

The NYS Council is circulating a document (attached) that refutes many of the false or misleading arguments being made by opponents of Part P,  a proposal in the executive budget that would require NYS to competitively procure contracts with MCOs.  As you will see, we received sign on support from a total of 15 associations around the state.  I sent the letter to all members of the NYS Legislature about an hour ago.  Media outlets are next up on my list.

Attached you will find the Sign On Letter that refutes false or misleading assertions being made by opponents to  Part P.  Feel free to use these arguments when you encounter questions from lawmakers as you continue to advocate for our priorities,  Also, attached please find a contact list for all members of the NYS Legislature.  Assembly information also includes Twitter handles.

Please follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our messages.  For your convenience, we will post the letter refuting misleading assertions on our home page so you can tweet and link to the document.   Our Twitter handle is: @nyscouncil and our website address is: