Webinar for Advocates re: OASAS “Addiction Funding Restructuring”
– Info and Slides

October 26, 2023

As I explained this morning during our weekly call, I am currently attending a webinar hosted by OASAS where Deb Davis, OASAS CFO is walking advocates through the coming “Addiction Funding Restructuring” Project that providers will learn more about on Monday during a ‘provider webinar’ on this topic.
The Project will be implemented over a 5 year period and it appears to be focused on net deficit funding – first identifying the advantages, obstacles and weaknesses associated with the current net deficit funding model employed followed by a discussion of alternative strategies to the current funding model.
Third Horizon Strategies (national consultants) was chosen after an RFI process and is engaged for the duration of the Project. 
Tools to collect feedback and input from the field will include use of surveys, focus groups, stakeholder calls and other resources and updates provided by the consulting firm to system stakeholders.  The Project  is being led by Deb Davis and the Division of Fiscal Administration at OASAS.  

I’ve attached only the most important slides from the Briefing I attended about an hour ago with OASAS.  5 slides attached.