State Budget Bill Update

June 2, 2022

Today, the Assembly Ways and Means Committee will meet “off the floor” (meaning they will meet outside of the Assembly chamber) to review bills including the Clinical Scope of Practice bill impacting Article 163 practitioners. Hopefully the bill will be passed in committee and immediately moved to the floor for a full vote.  The Senate passed its’ version of this bill yesterday.

Also today, the Senate is expected to vote on our Model Contract Transparency bill.  The Assembly already passed this bill several weeks ago.

At this time, it does not appear the bills by Senator Harckham and Assemblyman Cusick that would address the unlicensed staff scope of practice issue we have been pressing on, are moving.  Yesterday we asked all NYS Council members to send us their agency Memo In Support of the bills.  Many thanks to all who shared their Memo.  we sent about 30 Memos (in addition to our own) in a short period of time, to Joelle in Senator Harckham’s Office to assist her as the Senator and advocates work together to move the bills forward.