State Budget: Leaders of Legislature
Announce Conference Committee Appointments

March 17, 2023

The next step in the budget negotiations process (after the release of one house budget bills) is for the leaders of each house to appoint lawmakers to various budget conference committees (organized by budget topic area) who will then be required to negotiate with each other  and come up with a list of priorities for spending any funds allocated to the committee.  They will use the priorities described in their one house bills as their guides. The funds are from the ‘available revenue’ we told you about last week when the Governor, Assembly, and Senate leaders agreed on an amount of money that is available to allocate to the houses for purposes of ‘buying back’ cuts, or putting additional funds towards budget proposals they want to enrich.

Below and attached please find the Conference Committee lineup along with room assignments and times for committee meetings that will commence on Monday.  We presume there will be live streaming of at least some of these meetings but access information isn’t available yet. Stand by.


Legislature Announces General Conference Committee Appointments

2023 General Budget Conference Committee

Monday, March 20, 12:00 p.m.

Hearing Room B, Legislative Office Building

Assembly Senate

Carl E. Heastie (Co-Chair) Andrea Stewart-Cousins (Co-Chair)

Helene Weinstein Liz Krueger

Crystal Peoples-Stokes Michael Gianaris

Phil Ramos José Serrano

Jeffrion Aubry* Andrew Gounardes*

William Barclay Robert Ortt

Edward Ra* Andrew Lanza*



Tuesday, March 21, 4:30 p.m.

Public Protection / Criminal Justice / Judiciary

Hearing Room A, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Jeffrey Dinowitz (Co-Chair) Jamaal Bailey (Co-Chair)

Charles Lavine Brad Hoylman

Erik M. Dilan Julia Salazar

John T. McDonald III Kevin Thomas

Edward Gibbs* Shelley B. Mayer*

Monique Chandler-Waterman* Anthony Palumbo

Philip Palmesano Thomas O’Mara*

Marjorie Byrnes*

Mental Hygiene

Hearing Room B, Legislative Office Building


Aileen Gunther (Co-Chair) Samra Brouk (Co-Chair)

Phil Steck Nathalia Fernandez

Kimberly Jean-Pierre John W. Mannion

Rebecca A. Seawright Simcha Felder

Phara S. Forrest* Roxanne Persaud*

Grace Lee* Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick

Jarett C. Gandolfo Jacob Ashby*

Keith Brown*

Higher Education

Hearing Room C, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Patricia A. Fahy (Co-Chair) Toby Ann Stavisky (Co-Chair)

William Colton Rachel May

Latrice Walker Kevin Parker

Clyde Vanel Robert Jackson

Marcela Mitaynes* Kristen Gonzalez*

Christopher W. Eachus* Joseph Griffo

Robert Smullen Dean Murray*

Michael W. Reilly Jr.*

General Government / Local Assistance

Assembly Parlor, Capitol

Assembly / Senate

Fred W. Thiele Jr. (Co-Chair) James Skoufis (Co-Chair)

Jaime R. Williams Monica R. Martinez

Stacey Pheffer Amato Robert Jackson

Edward Braunstein Rachel May

Zohran K. Mamdani* Luis R. Sepulveda*

MaryJane Shimsky* Stephen D. Rhoads

Brian D. Manktelow Rob Rolison*

Michael Tannousis*


Tuesday, March 21, 5:00 p.m.

Environment / Agriculture / Housing

Hearing Room A, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Deborah J. Glick (Co-Chair) Pete Harckham (Co-Chair)

Linda B. Rosenthal Michelle Hinchey

Donna Lupardo Brian Kavanagh

Daniel O’Donnell Kevin Parker

Jessica González-Rojas* Zellnor Myrie*

Brian Cunningham* Pamela Helming

Chris Tague Mark Walczyk*

Matthew Simpson*


Hearing Room B, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

William Magnarelli (Co-Chair) Timothy Kennedy (Co-Chair)

Kenneth P. Zebrowski Leroy Comrie

Didi Barrett Monica R. Martinez

Inez Dickens James Skoufis

Kenneth Burgos* John C. Liu*

Alex Bores* Peter Oberacker

Michael Norris Mario R. Mattera*

Joe DeStefano*

Human Services / Labor

Hearing Room C, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Andrew Hevesi (Co-Chair) Roxanne Persaud (Co-Chair)

Latoya Joyner Jabari Brisport

Maritza Davila Jessica Ramos

Stefani Zinerman Simcha Felder

Tony Simone* Jessica Scarcella-Spanton*

Steven B. Raga* Alexis Weik

Andy Goodell Jack M. Martins*

Brian D. Miller*


Tuesday, March 21, 5:30 p.m.

Economic Development

Hearing Room A, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Harry Bronson (Co-Chair) Sean M. Ryan (Co-Chair)

J. Gary Pretlow Joseph Addabbo

Al Stirpe James Sanders

Steven Otis Andrew Gounardes

Dana Levenberg* Jeremy A. Cooney*

George A. Alvarez* George M. Borrello

Christopher Friend Dean Murray*

Jeffrey L. Gallahan*


Hearing Room B, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Amy Paulin (Co-Chair) Gustavo Rivera (Co-Chair)

David I. Weprin Neil Breslin

Ron Kim Cordell Cleare

Karines Reyes Nathalia Fernandez

Charles D. Fall* Lea Webb*

John Zaccaro Jr.* Patrick Gallivan

Joshua T. Jensen Daniel G. Stec*

Jodi A. Giglio*


Hearing Room C, Legislative Office Building

Assembly / Senate

Michael Benedetto (Co-Chair) Shelley Mayer (Co-Chair)

Nily Rozic John Liu

Pamela J. Hunter Iwen Chu

Carrie Woerner Toby Ann Stavisky

Nader Sayegh* John W. Mannion*

Sarahana Shrestha* James Tedisco

Doug Smith Bill Weber*

John Mikulin