State Exempts Children’s HCBS from ATB Cuts

August 26, 2020

Some good news:  New York State has agreed to exempt Children’s HCBS services from the 1.5% across the board cut that was announced earlier this year pursuant to MRT-related reductions.  

The NYS Division of the Budget (DOB) has reconsidered applying the 1.5% across the board Medicaid cut to the Children’s HCBS program and will withdraw that proposal from their CMS application. 

Here is the response DOH is sending those who commented:

Good afternoon,OHIP has received several comments in response to the proposed changes to Children’s HCBS, including the proposed payment reduction. After careful review and in consultation with the Division of Budget, OHIP will exempt Children’s HCBS payments from the 1.5% across the board Medicaid Payment Reductions. The draft amendment to the 1915(c) Children’s Waiver will be revised accordingly prior to submission to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Many thanks to all NYS Council members who weighed in and advocated for this state action!