Take Action Today on Non-Profit Tax Filing Requirement

May 27, 2021

Take Action!

Thank you in advance for pushing this forward!

DOS Tax Filing Repeal Call to Action

Thanks to your advocacy, we have successfully moved A1141A (Paulin)/S4817A (Krueger) out of the Assembly Government Operations Committee and Senate Finance Committee. However, the bill must still clear the Assembly Codes Committee and must then be voted on by the full State Senate and State Assembly. Please call, e-mail and Tweet to help advance this bill today.


Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz (Chair of Codes):
Albany Office: 518-455-5965
District Office: 718-796-5345
Email: dinowiJ@nyassembly.gov
Twitter: @JeffreyDinowitz 

Sample messaging (phone and email):


I am writing to you today from [YOUR ORGANIZATION]. We need S4817A (Krueger) /A1141A (Paulin) passed this session, in order to avoid a redundant new tax filing requirement for nonprofits that we are unprepared for. Over 400 organizations from across the state have signed on in support of this legislation. This bill would eliminate a new, redundant Department of State filing requirement for nonprofits registered with the Charities Bureau. This pandemic year is a particularly bad time to impose new bureaucratic burdens on nonprofits. We urge you to please move this bill out of committee and pass it as soon as possible.

Sample Tweet:

#Nonprofits need S.4817A/A.1141A to pass this session to avoid a new, redundant DOS tax filing requirement. Over 400 organizations support this legislation. Pls pass it now! https://p2a.co/d3yvkvj

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