Telehealth Advocacy Request

March 31, 2022

Please Contact Assembly Speaker Heastie TODAY to Support Telehealth Reimbursement Parity

As we approach the April 1st state budget deadline, we ask that you please call and tweet Assembly Speaker Heastie today to ensure that telehealth reimbursement parity is included in the final budget. Telehealth, including audio-only and video-only, has been a lifeline for many in accessing care and treatment throughout the pandemic, particularly those with mental health and substance use disorders. Please make your voice heard today!


1.) Call Speaker Heastie: (518) 455-3791

Phone Script: Hi, my name is ___. I am a provider working in a community-based organization that serves New Yorkers with mental health and/or substance use disorder challenges in _, New York.

I am calling today to urge you to include telehealth payment parity in the final budget for both Medicaid AND private health insurance payments. Telehealth has been a lifeline for many throughout the pandemic. It has opened doors to care for thousands of New Yorkers living in underserved communities across the state. Telehealth will not replace necessary in-person care from community-based organizations.

2.) Tweet Speaker Heastie: @CarlHeastie

Speaker Heastie: Providers serving individuals w/ mental health & substance use disorders urge you 2 include telehealth protections and payment parity in the final budget! These provisions are critical for maintaining and enhancing access to care in-person and virtually! #Telehealth!#TelehealthNYSBudget