Telehealth Clarity

May 26, 2021

Several weeks ago we learned that NYS does NOT need to get special approval from CMS in order to continue to pay for services provided via the telehealth modality (to include audio only) on par with face-to-face services.  The state doesn’t need to seek federal approval as long as it doesn’t attempt to change the rates from where they are at present.   Of course, the question now is whether the state is going to try to walk back the rates.  As such, we continue to advocate aggressively to ensure ALL telehealth services are paid on par with face to face services permanently.  Sometimes it feels like the chances for getting rate parity legislation done before the Legislature adjourns on or around June 10 is unlikely.  But this is Albany where anything can and often does happen so we will continue to advocate as if lives depend on it… because they do.

Stand by for advocacy alerts on this critical issue.