Telemedicine and MAT

February 1, 2023

Yesterday DoH Interim Commissioner McDonald issued a Commissioners Determination directed at health care practitioners and pharmacists that permits their continued use of telemedicine to ensure continued access to MAT, for the duration of the public health emergency.

Remember:  OMH and OASAS have already issued permanent regulations pertaining to telemedicine in their licensed agencies.

I will collect your questions and try to get answers from OASAS in short order; however, since today is budget release day, it may take a bit of time to get responses from the state agencies.

New York State Department of Health Issues Commissioner Determination for the Use of Telemedicine to Ensure Continued Access to Life saving Medication for New Yorkers Struggling with Mental Health and Opioid Use

Here is determination:
2023-01-31_telemedicine_initial_examPDF Document · 356 KB