Tentative Bail Deal Reached

April 17, 2023

The breaking news is that state leaders appear to have a tentative deal on bail reform.  Here’s a link to the article discussing the tentative deal:  https://www.cityandstateny.com/policy/2023/04/officials-reach-tentative-compromise-bail/385277/

Last Monday a budget extender was passed that continued mandatory spending on state operations and related expenses, through today, April 17.  Update: The Legislature is back in Albany today and will pass another budget extender through April 20 this afternoon. It is safe to say this week will be a very busy one for all concerned and that this is the time to be vigilant about our priorities. Watch for Action Alerts on the following topics:

  1. 8.5% COLA
  2. Enactment of ALL Insurance proposals in Part II of the Health/Mental Hygiene Article VII bill
  3. CCBHC Demo Expansion AND creation/funding for a CCBHC Indigent Care Pool
  4. Appropriation of significant resources to address access to care and sustainability issues impacting the OASAS system of care and its’ providers
  5. Equity for the children’s behavioral health continuum of care to include a set aside of funds from the $890M in capital that has been proposed by the Governor as part of her $1B MH investment 



ALBANY, NY (WRGB) — Lawmakers are preparing for a busy week at the capitol, and packing their bags accordingly. The state budget was due on April 1st, but we’re being told there’s finally some movement, and voting could happen this week

The biggest issue has been proposed changes to bail laws, the governor wanting to clarify the judge’s discretion, at first the senate and assembly not wanting to make any changes. Governor Hochul’s approach to housing, also a topic of debate, which will continue on Monday.

Asm. John D. McDonald (D-Cohoes): “We got a Friday night memo of what to prepare for the week ahead; it was very clear that we see a large amount of activity Monday and Tuesday. And bring enough clothes for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So, I think it appears we will be here the full week.”