Thursday Call Postponed – Need Your
Advocacy Help on OMIG Audit Bill

June 7, 2023

As we continue to advocate for the OMIG Audit Reform bill and several other bills on our priority list, we need every moment possible for the final push.  As such, we are postponing our Thursday morning call tomorrow (6/8) and will provide written updates on a daily basis on a variety of topics, until the 2023 legislative session has concluded (as of now that’s Friday for Senate; Saturday for Assembly).  Please bear with us as we devote the bulk of our time to advocacy over the next few days.

The Assembly OMIG bill A6813 has not yet moved to the floor for a vote. Assembly Ways and Means is pushing back.  We need everyone working together now to pressure their Assembly representatives to go to the Speaker and/or to the Ways and Means Chair Helene Weinstein and urge that the bill get an up or down vote by the full Assembly before the session concludes.  If you have a phone number for your Assembly representative, or someone in the Speaker’s Office, now is the time to call him/her and press.

Attached is a document we prepared to assist with your OMIG advocacy.  NYS must not balance the state budget on the backs of Medicaid providers and the individuals they serve.  Please share this document with your lawmaker and explain to him/her why it is imperative that the bill is passed immediately.  In summary, we need reform that will bring balance, fairness and transparency to the audit process.  The time is now!