Time Sensitive – Contact Your Reps

April 22, 2023

As you know, state budget negotiations continue to drag on in Albany, with the next budget extender expected on Monday.

Yesterday we heard that some or many of the insurance proposals we have been pushing for may be in trouble.  We are particularly concerned about the Network Adequacy proposal.   As you may recall, the Senate included all of the governor’s proposed Article VII, Part ii Subparts A-F proposals in their one house bill, but as negotiations continue, opponents have more time to put doubt in the minds of our elected leaders.

If you live or operate programs in an area of the state where you are represented by Senator Samra Brouck, Senator Nathalia Fernandez, Senator Neil Breslin or another member of the Senate Insurance Committee (see link here:  https://www.nysenate.gov/senators-committees), please take a moment to send a note to your representative, call him, send a text – it all helps.  Ask your representative to go to his leader (Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins) and request that she ensure passage of the behavioral health insurance proposals. We want your representative to let the Majority Leader know how important ALL of the proposals are to him/her, he is feeling the heat from constituents, and he needs the Leader to ensure passage of the insurance package.

Please discuss Part ii, subpart F – the Network Adequacy (NA) proposal that would require New York State to update and explicate NA standards insurers must comply with.  Reform of the current standards is essential to our goal of equitable access to care.  There are long waiting lists for services throughout the public mental hygiene system.  Insurers must be required to maintain robust networks of community-based mental health and substance use disorder providers, the Network Adequacy proposal plays a critical role in advancing this objective, and the Senate must stand behind these proposals.

Thank you so much for your efforts!

Please let me know if I can provide an assist.  I’m available to you at any point over the weekend at 518 461-8200.