TIME SENSITIVE: Upcoming NYS Council Workgroups

July 31, 2023

This morning the NYS Council sent members that previously indicated they want to participate in one of our upcoming workgroups,  a calendar invite (for all 4 scheduled meetings of the workgroup you signed up for) from my email address:  lauri@nyscouncil.org and Zoom.   Note:  Sometimes Zoom invites get caught in network servers so please take a moment to search your mailboxes including SPAM and Junk.  Also, please check Quarantined incoming emails/invites that may be managed by your technology manager.

If you previously registered for a workgroup but you don’t have an invite please contact Cindy at:  cindy@nyscouncil.org and let her know which Workgroup series you want to attend.

All NYS Council workgroups will start on time, and all will be one hour in duration.

To gather information from participants, we will use the Zoom polling function from time to time, so it is preferable to be at a computer for these meetings, if possible. In addition, we kindly request that you please turn your camera on for the duration of the meeting.