Assembly and Senate one-house budget bills released

March 14, 2021

As expected, both the Senate and the Assembly released their one-house budget bills late last night.  Attached are the Health and Mental Hygiene portions of their larger one house documents.

Senate bill here

Assembly bill here

As we’ve stated previously, one-house budget bills often articulate the budget priorities and positions of the Assembly and the Senate as they move into the final weeks of budget negotiations.  We will be working to peel the onion and we will have updates through the day.

As you look at the bills, green ink means that lawmakers added new language to the Governor’s proposal on the topic, red means they are striking language that was in the Governor’s executive budget proposal. Note that Part ‘F’ of the Senate bill address the Governor’s original tele health proposal, and in the Assembly bill, beginning on page 25  (subpart A), the Assembly discusses the OMH, OASAS, DOH  Crisis Stabilization Centers proposal.