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Compensation Equity: A Values-Based Framework & Implementation Guide

June 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Organizations deeply committed to justice are actively considering ways of making their compensation more equitable. And it is not easy. As leaders, we confront labor market forces and the pervasive culture of secrecy around money even as our beliefs are shifting about how work and lived experience should be valued in a social justice context.

In this webinar, the consulting team from Vega Mala Consulting will share a framework they have developed called the Compensation Scale Equity Process and Calculator™. This process and tool support organizations already deeply committed to equity, to:

  • design a pay scale that embodies organizational values;
  • analyze their current salaries for pay equity; and,
  • transition along a continuum from a market-based salary policy to an anti-racist reparations model that works to reverse-engineer racist pay policies.Please note: This webinar is best suited to organizations steeped in equity values and comfortable challenging traditional compensation assumptions and practices.