More on One House Budget Proposals and SNYSN Info

March 15, 2023

Attached please find information that compares the outcomes from the Assembly and Senate one house bills that were released yesterday (see file marked  “One House Budget Proposals“).

Also attached, please find lots of great information from the Save New York’s Safety Net campaign in response to the Governor’s proposed Medicaid Pharmacy Carve-Out proposal.  As you will read in the one house comparison document, both the Assembly and the Senate rejected the Governor’s proposal to carve-out Medicaid Pharmacy benefits. The Senate has advanced an alternative proposal.    The proposed carve out slated for implementation on April 1 has important implications for our FQHC and hospital members and their continued ability to serve some of New York’s most vulnerable residents.

Newsday Article Medicaid Pharmacy Carve Out

Memorandum of Support for S.5136 (template)

MYTHS and FACTS Sheet for S.5136 3.13.23

340B_SNYSN_S5136 vs Carve-out Comparison_3-14-23