Immediate Action Required – OMH Workforce Grant Award

February 22, 2022

Good afternoon,

OMH has informed us that currently there are 80 outstanding providers that have yet to respond to the OMH MHBG Workforce Awards.  The list of 80 outstanding providers is attached (excel document) and the follow-up note that went out to providers this AM is also in the thread (below).  While the Field Offices will be assisting with outreach to the 80 providers, the NYS Council has been asked to help contact the agencies on the list who are at risk of losing their award.  The deadline to accept this award is 2/28.  

Please read the email below and review the list.  

Questions pertaining to this award can be directed to


From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 11:00 AM
Cc: Blakley, Kristyn (OMH) <>
Subject: Immediate Action Required – OMH Workforce Grant Award
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Good Morning –

As was previously communicated in an October 2021 e-mail, the Office of Mental Health (OMH) has allocated funding to your agency for a Workforce Grant award via the Community Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG).  Please refer to the original e-mail award notice to obtain your agency’s award amount.  If you are not able to locate this notice, please reach out to  Our records indicate that your agency has NOT formally accepted the award.  Please be advised that immediate action is required of your agency at this time as the deadline to accept this award is COB Monday 2/28. 


OMH is distributing over $20M in Federal Supplemental Community Mental Health Services Block Grant funding to eligible providers proportionally based on reported workforce FTEs in eligible programs. Federal rules for the supplemental block grant funds prohibit the use of funds for residential programs, or programs serving clients that are not diagnosed with severe mental illness or serious emotional disturbance. Additionally, programs that are already receiving workforce enhancements through rate increases associated with EFMAP were excluded from allocations made with this pool of funding.  Additional details can be found in the attached guidance document as well as in the original e-mail award notice that was sent out in October 2021.

Immediate Action Required:

Questions pertaining to this award can be directed to