RMS NYS Election Update 11-9-22 at 9:00 AM

November 9, 2022

Election result info below courtesy of our government relations consultants at RMS.  Also see 3 attached docs. 

New York State Election Update

As we reported just before midnight Governor Hochul was elected as  New York’s first elected woman Governor.  Congressman Lee Zeldin still has not conceded the race which narrowed considerably since midnight from a 600,000 vote lead to now 200,000 with all votes still not counted (52.7% Hochul and 47.3% Zeldin), however, at present Zeldin does not appear to have any real path forward to win.  As reported nationally Zeldin’s efforts appear to have influenced congressional seats and legislative seats in Long Island and the Hudson Valley.  Governor Hochul was joined in victory by US Senator Chuck Schumer, Lt. Governor Delgado, Attorney General Tish James and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

We have attached updates on New York’s congressional races which appear split 12-12 between Democrats and Republicans with two seats too close to call both in the Hudson Valley region of the state. These include Sean Patrick Maloney-D vs. Michael V. Lawler-R and Pat Ryan-D vs. Colin Schmitt-D. 

U.S. House of Representatives and Senate General Election 2022 (1)

2022 NY State Senate General Election Results

NY Statewide Offices General Election 2022

The State Senate will continue to be dominated by Democrats with the Republicans gaining between 1 to 3 seats defeating several Democratic incumbents including Senator Anna Kaplan, Senator John Brooks, and Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick.  Even this AM, however, several seats are still undetermined including:  

Monica Martinez-D vs. Wendy Rodriguez-R—Long Island

Incumbent Senator James Skoufis-D and Dorey Houle -R – Hudson Valley

Incumbent Senator John Mannion-D and Rebecca Shiroff-R-Syracuse

Overall, we expect Democrats to hold the 63 seat Senate by 39-41 seats. We have attached updates here as well.

In the Assembly the Democrats will retain over 100 seats our of 150 seats but some long standing incumbents have been defeated including:

DACC co-chair Peter Abbate who was defeated by Lester Tang; Steve Cymbrowotz who was defeated by Michael Novakhov; and Mathylde Frontus who was defeated by Alex Brook-Krasny.  

We hope to have a complete breakdown of the Assembly races later today.